Urbanie & Urbanus

Issue Special, P.43 - P.51

Jiayuan: Learning from Traditional Community’s Welfare in Eastern Asia

Prof. Zhiqiang Wu

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Vice President of Tongji University, Shanghai 


No human living environment should be separated from the basic social organization and percep- tion scale of human beings. “Jiayuan” combines the composite functions of people’s livelihood and well-being, satisfies the 15-minute walking range, and organizes the urban and rural spatial units of social governance with the geographical proximity. “Jiayuan” integrates the layout of three types of space: production, living and ecology, providing employment, housing, leisure, educa- tion, medical care, commerce and other public service facilities that are closely related to people, combining living and employment space and relieving the pressure of urban commuting. At the same time, the governance of the “Jiayuan” is combined with the streets, communities and other grassroots administrative organizations to realize the common construction, sharing and gover- nance of the residents.