Urbanie & Urbanus

Issue 2023 Dec

Future Vision

Issue 9, P.50 - P.72

Urban Revitalization as a vision for the future? : A Comparative Study of Small- Scale Interventions of Hong Kong and Taiwan

Zhuo-Lin Ke

Master of Urban Design, The University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Tunghai University, Taiwan


As many cities undergo urban revitalization, spatial decision-makers disregarding urban vitality has resulted in numerous adverse outcomes. While some cities opt for large-scale development of new districts, others infuse vitality into aging neighbourhoods through small-scale projects. These latter efforts face considerable constraints, including preserving historical continuity, respecting historical landscapes, and accommodating irregular land parcels. However, such initiatives also present opportunities to invigorate cities. Well-organized urban spaces often prioritize macro-level geometric order, overlooking the nuanced internal order that shapes human activities and finer-grained spatial structures. This study focuses on the crucial elements that can steer revitalization efforts toward a virtuous cycle without disrupting existing social networks. Employing qualitative research methods, including case studies and interviews, this study will extend the examination of urban revitalization in highly urbanized East Asian cities, highlighting strategies that respect and harness historical, spatial, and social complexities to foster sustainable urban vitality.