Urbanie & Urbanus

A sustainable neighbourhood for the future

Sheng Li

General Manager of China Subsidiary of AAUPC
Registered Architect in France
Senior engineer of urban and rural planning, China


Figure 1. Three major strategy diagrams

Figure 2. Trapèze location map

Figure 3. The general plan of the Trapèze neighborhood

Figure 4. Rainwater treatment methods in Trapèze neighborhood

Figure 5. Trapèze neighborhood Renewable Energy Network

Figure 6. Aerial view of Wenhan Lake

Figure 7. Different stages of Wenhan Lake construction

Figure 8. Aerial view of Interives

Figure 9. Public cable car across the railway

Figure 10. Smart charging stations

Figure 11. Leysse River Slow Bridge

Figure 12. Trapèze neighborhood bicycle ground signs

Figure 13. Comparison of the road to school

Figure 14. Intelligent slow-moving corridor

Figure 15. Borderouge Building Height Guidelines

Figure 16. Façade and roof of LOT 3.1 meeting energy demand

Figure 17. Façade and roof of LOT 3.1 meeting energy demand

Figure 18. Borderouge promotional video screenshot

Figure 19. Guangfo Bay Zero-carbon Island

Figure 20. The future city in the eyes of children, painting by LI Yanjing, First grade